Remedial Massage/Deep Tissue Massage

With this kind of treatment the therapist manipulates the muscles, tendons and ligaments with hand massage techniques. Rather than being a relaxing massage, this technique is used to increase blood flow to the area and reduces scar tissue and fluid. You will benefit from remedial/deep tissue massage if you have;

Sports Injuries
Back Pain
Neck Problems – Stiff Neck, Whiplash
Shoulder Problems – Frozen Shoulder, Muscle Injuries & Strains
Stress & Tension
Arthritis & Rheumatism


This is a gentle massage treatment that helps to calm, relax and soothe a busy mind. Each treatment will be individualized by the careful selection of appropriate essential oils to suit the mood and circumstance of each customer. The massage uses gentle, sweeping techniques that allow the oils to absorb into the skin, allowing the customer to leave the treatment room, taking their new aromatic aura with them.

Stress and tension
Minor aches and pains
Mild depression
Busy people who need to make time for themselves.


This treatment works on the principle that there is a map of the body on the feet. As a result of this the feet can be massaged and manipulated to bring benefit to the whole body without the need to undress.

It can be a very relaxing treatment that gives some much needed TLC to an often neglected area.